About Us

Black Corporate Life is an innovative consulting company dedicated to

helping Black Men in corporate America reach their full potential. 

Our Mission

To ensure Black Men are seen, heard and celebrated as they progress in their careers.  Through culturally-relevant leadership training and professional development, we provide a platform to share best practices so Black Men in corporate America are confident, connected and empowered.

Our Vision

We believe in a world where all Black Men have a voice.  We partner with corporations, nonprofits and colleges and universities to create an inclusive work environment where current and future generations of Black Men can thrive.

Shawn H.

Marcus W.



Shawn H.

I am forever indebted to Mr. James Frison. As a child I had a terrible stuttering opportunity, which led me to be very quiet and isolated.  As I moved into my adult life and into corporate roles, I found myself having to speak in public more often. My stuttering had gotten a little better. However, I still never conquered my fear of public speaking. James was already a mentor to several people including myself. I made him aware of the opportunity I had to speak in front of thousands of people for a Fortune 50 company. He did not know I was thinking about turning it down due to my disability.


James spent countless hours with me to make sure I was prepared. Due to his wisdom and professional acumen, I was able to excel during the event. The tips he shared with me ultimately helped catapult me into additional leadership roles. If you ever have a chance to partner with Mr. Frison, please jump at the opportunity, you will thank me later.