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Help future generations of corporate America professionals reach their full potential.  Equip your students with the confidence, knowledge and network to succeed in the corporate world.

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You've done your part by pouring into your students to ensure they have received the best education possible. Now it is time for them to transition into the corporate world. 


But we know the reality is your Black Male students will have unique challenges and need to have a firm understanding of the social nuances that exist in corporate America. 


Black Corporate Life has the insights, knowledge and experience your students need to be successful.  

We provide culturally relevant leadership training and professional development tailored to Black Male students that will help them navigate their journey in corporate America.  


Our programming centers around:

  • Mindfulness - raising your students level of awareness around the social nuances of corporate America

  • Modeling - leveraging practical application of the techniques and skills we teach

  • Mentorship - providing access to our network of Black Men who can offer coaching, advise and wisdom based on their experience in corporate America​​

Participants who complete the curriculum leave with a new set of tools they can leverage to navigate their journey into corporate America.



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